October 20th, 2017

Delectable Grandeur | Desserts

If you are ready to treat your guests to something sweet, then why not do it in the most exquisite means possible by serving the ultimate breathtakingly stunning desserts your guests will have ever seen.

One or two signature desserts served at your reception, using the finest ingredients each dessert will be handmade to fit within the design of the wedding breakfast.

Credit: Maison Kayser

Credit: Dinara Kasko

Credit: Darren Purchase

Wedding reception desserts have really taken off in recent years with many luxurious dessert concepts to choose from. Gilt speckled macaroons and Dom Perignon imbued truffles are some of the truly exquisite desserts being created.

Dessert tasting should be an enjoyable part of wedding preparations, and the desserts should taste as good as they look, decadently divine and richly flavoured, an artisan dessert are finished with the finest chocolate and adorned with gold leaf and taste as good as they look and look as good as they taste.

Credit: Cruiseable

Credit: Ivy Soho Brasserie

Credit: Per Se

Luxurious desserts made with high-end liqueurs and spirits create unique sweet courses, classic desserts like rum baba and ice cream sundae are every bit as delicious as they sound and what better way to finish a wedding breakfast than one these traditional sweets. Taking an haute couture approach to your dessert will leave your guests feeling giddy with delight.