November 14th, 2016

It’s all about me…A Groom’s Story

The bride has her fantasy gown and the bridesmaids are adorned in their cute dresses, the fashion conscious groom needs to find his perfect suit to coordinate with the wedding party, but needs to find his own style, and delivering the groom’s impeccable outfit to synchronise with his beautiful bride rather than match.

It is often the modest hints that style an outfit, the groom should feel amazing standing next to his blushing bride.

five men in dark blue-grey suits with white flowers on lapels


Choosing your accessories is as important as the bride choosing hers; this is just as much your day as the brides. The modern groom is also getting in on the latest wedding trend accessories and a timeless classic that has become a modern accessory is the brightly coloured bow tie. It’s also the turn of the groom to change out of your tux/suit and into a relaxing dinner jacket for the reception.

three men in dark grey suits with magenta ties

Credit: Bond Brothers

Well-groomed guys can start their wedding preparation for the big day by getting a haircut and manicure, just clean and buffed nails to look extra good for the giving of the rings. On the morning of the wedding get a close shave and hot shower, you will have a long day ahead and fresh start is a must. Remember the rings, entrusting them to your best man before the ceremony. Get your boutonniere fixed and your tie straight and take a deep breathe one last look in the mirror and get ready for your beautiful bride’s arrival.