January 16th, 2017

Seasonal Events: Winter at its best………

Events are at their best when styled to the seasons, marrying colours to couture in order to create a sense of place and time. The winter months, wherever you are, speaks to layers, thick wools, calm scenery and a host of social occasions. To create better events in winter, we take a look at what this crispy and cool season has to offer.

Credit: Rakotzbrucke Saxony Germany

Many people adore the winter months with its chilling ambiance, snow covered lanes, enchanting snow fall and chilly winds. Winter can be a magical occasion, changing into a glistening white season.

Credits: Allison Trentelman

A special vista materialises in winter when woodland plant life take the focal point. Winter is one of my favoured seasons when the trees have lost their abundant leafy summer cloak and display their natural physical exquisiteness. I often look for the conifers precipitously standing out and emanating to life with a host of foliage and cones.

Credits: Pinterest

Begin the upcoming winter season with an evening of skating and hot chocolate, have a twirl with your pals or take that special someone for a dreamy date and float hand-in-hand over the ice, it’s also a wonderful family pursuit which the children will delight in and is perfect for everyone to enjoy.

Credits: fineartamerica.com, Photographed by Novvy

The seasonal period encompasses joy and presents the perfect setting for a snowy forest sleigh ride, and a picture-perfect winter fairy tale dashing through the snow, through breathtakingly stunning snow-covered landscape snuggled in thick blankets, you will delight in hearing the sleigh bells ringing out in a romantic chime.