Luxury Hotels: Opulence and Elegance

“Nothing succeeds like excess” Oscar Wilde.

Locating the optimum hotels and venues for your luxury weddings or events will ensure your celebration is spectacular. Your backdrop should be as magnificent as your wedding and it’s guests. Here we look at what makes luxury hotels so desirable.

Luxury hotels have taken that meaning to heart and have created the most opulent and elegant hotels that money possibly can’t procure.

The finest luxury hotels have a collective concept when it comes to satisfying guests they go beyond the call of duty and each offers a exceptionally exclusive experience, delivering exquisite guestrooms and suites with breathtaking aspects, exclusive and charming interiors. They seamlessly furnish guests who have a taste for the more refined details in life.

luxury wedding venue

Credits: Hospitalitynet Burj Al Arab Jumeirah

The unique sail-shaped hotel Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, hosts the Gold On 27, a fabulous addition to the hotel with a stylish ambiance, and breath taking vistas of the Dubai’s spectacular skyline.

luxury wedding venue

Credits: Versaillesadness Palais Liechtenstein

Palais Liechtenstein is a flawless illustration of sophisticated luxury, the grand palais educes a perception of space, lavishness and urbanity.

luxury wedding venue

Credits: Bryant Park Hotel

Bryant Park Hotel is the most quintessential old New York hotel, and the most striking construction in the city. The Café Royal is a lavish hotel in the centre of London and the Pompadour Suite is elaborate gilt and exquisitely reinstated ballroom which has been authenticated to its previous grand quintessence.

luxury wedding venue

Credits: Hotel Café Royal Pompadour Suite