Snapdragon create luxury Asian and Indian weddings. Our beautifully planned weddings cross countries and cultures to bring couples together. We are well versed in Asian and Indian wedding planning, crafting both western styled events and lavish traditional wedding celebrations, or a careful fusion of the two.

Our meticulous and dedicated team will help you to plan the perfect wedding at home or abroad. Snapdragon has experienced Indian and Asian wedding planners in house who will ensure your wedding day is perfectly styled and unique to you.

Snapdragon luxury wedding planners have created gorgeous weddings across both in the UK and overseas. We deliver events internationally from our London headquarters and always engage local delivery partners. Wherever you are looking to host your special day, our Asian and Indian wedding planners will ensure your wedding is stylish, engaging and one-of-a-kind.

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Asian Weddings

Snapdragon’s Asian wedding planners craft exceptional and unique weddings. The Asian weddings we have delivered, both in the UK and internationally, tend to be a fusion of Asian and western traditions and styles.


Most clients select us because they want to marry the fun and colour of a traditional Asian wedding celebration with the world class attention to detail and service they believe they can find with one of the best London wedding planners.


We have also worked alongside wedding planners from overseas to have styled the event to then deliver an Asian wedding in the UK.

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Indian Weddings

Snapdragon’s Indian weddings are infused with luxurious style, careful planning and Indian flair. Each wedding is unique and personal, capturing the vibrant colours and joyous atmosphere of an Indian wedding.


Indian weddings tend to be large multi-day affairs. Clients select us because they would like to fuse Indian traditions with western elements and would like a large bespoke wedding delivered flawlessly.


We have worked for some very high profile Indian clients with large budgets and exacting standards, who wanted creativity and style as well as extreme attention to detail. Successful delivery of events like this has won us the reputation we now enjoy.

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