unique luxury JEWISH WEDDINGS

We design luxury Jewish weddings with a twist. If you want something a little different from the usual Jewish weddings, look no further. Our approach is bespoke to you as we help you define exactly what you would like and how to bring your vision to life.

Clients choose us because they don’t want something generic delivered by the usual suspects and because of our reputation for meticulous planning, coupled with creative flair. We have our own in-house creative design team, which is quite unique for wedding planners. Our experienced Jewish wedding planners will make your every dream come true, with an impeccably organised event from the ceremony to the festive meal and party.

Snapdragon are London’s finest luxury wedding planners and create the best, unique Jewish weddings that the whole family will love. We understand the difference between creating a luxury wedding and an ostentatious one, as well as how to fuse tradition with individuality. A Jewish wedding is a sacred and special occasion, marked with close friends and family. We have years of experience working on Jewish weddings, and our wedding planners are well versed in the importance of Jewish customs and traditions.

Our commercial approach is unique in the wedding industry. We appreciate that some wedding budgets are quite large. Our work is defined by the belief that, no matter how large your budget, you still expect value for money. We don’t mark up costs from suppliers and don’t add commission either. Both these practices are common practice. We believe they create a conflict of interest between you and your planner.

Have a look at our luxury weddings page for more information on our wedding planning services.