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Snapdragon are highly experienced international event and destination luxury wedding planners. We have crafted spectacular events around the world, sometimes in the most remote places. Often, infrastructure has to to be imported from the UK or elsewhere, as local event resources are limited or not of a high quality. We are adept at judging how to blend local and international suppliers so that the end result is seemless.

Our destination wedding and party planners understand the complex logistic challenges of delivering world class levels of service in remote locations from Morocco to Nigeria and tiny Greek Islands. We have been able to find and transform the most unlikely locations into stunning event venues. For many clients, the attraction of an international event is the ability to create something completely unique that will never be copied.

As important as the event itself is the guest experience; this often takes as much effort to do well as delivering the event. Ensuring that a guest feels looked after for the whole time in your chosen location is key to the impression your event will leave them with. Apart from sourcing appropriate accommodation, Snapdragon have chartered large and small aircraft, operated a comprehensive ground transportation fleet and provided a multi-lingual concierge team capable of dealing with anything a guest may desire while at your event. Privacy is often a concern for our high profile clients, and we routinely establish a comprehensive and discrete security curtain around an event, including deploying anti-drone solutions to ensure confidentiality.

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"…and still can't thank Snapdragon enough for such an
incredible and unforgettable day!’"

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Snapdragon don’t only work locally, we are international event planners, putting on global events around the world. Whether you are looking to host an networking event for New York Fashion Week, a special birthday in Dubai or bring your international party to London, our team will make planning your event easy and stress free.

Snapdragon is an highly respected luxury event planner and designer. Through working with our international event clientele, we have been enabled to build a network of the finest suppliers across Europe, Asia and the US. Each of our team members brings years of experience to your destination wedding or international event, giving you the best insights into making your international parties truly sensational.